Small Not Smart

Nandagopal Rajan        Print Edition: October 2012

Price: Rs 2,795

The Amkette Smartboard comes across as small and compact keyboard for tablets. But small is not always good, as the keys, especially the space key, is a bit too short for regular users. And to make matters worse, the home key is on the immediate left of the space bar-we kept hitting it and ending up on the homescreen.

However, the Smartboard is not a bad device, especially when used in tandem with an Android tablet. Then you can use the arrow keys to navigate. But with iOS all the Smartboard is able to do is type - and we did not find that utility special because most iOS users have by now mastered the art of using the virtual keyboard. On Android, however, you can use the keyboard to do pretty much everything from skipping through apps to shifting homescreens.

Thankfully, the device is easy to set up and the Bluetooth-based pairing was uncomplicated. The Smartboard comes with a stand to hold the tablet and a not-sopretty rexine sleeve for itself. And, we found the price tag a bit too optimistic for all this.

Good for Android, not for iOS.

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