Wire-Free Music

 Nidhi Singal        Print Edition: October 2012

FENDA F&D W130BT (Price: Rs 3,990)

Fenda has always tried to provide a quality audio experience at an affordable price with some good multimedia speakers. Its latest, the F&D W130BT, is a 2.1 channel speaker offering wireless options.

The unit has an elegant design with small circular speakers and a metal front grill. The subwoofer too is circular, but awkwardly has its ports located on the side and not the rear. It also houses the volume and bass controls.

The W130BT is Bluetooth-enabled and can be easily paired with smartphones and tablets. It was a breeze pairing the speakers and playing music from the phone. The sound output was impressive and good enough for a larger audience.

The speakers also enhanced the movie-watching and gaming experience for handheld devices. Plus, there is the regular auxiliary cable for the speakers to be used with desktops.

Offers average sound, can consider.

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