Gadget reviews and ratings
Test Bench

We tried the headphones with a PC, smartphone and tablet and everywhere the output was pretty much what we would expect from a top of the range device.

Companies have started testing the waters for a whole new segment - the personal video player.
The MJ-580 is like the flagship 5.1-channel speaker set from Intex, which has faithfully been producing accessories for long.
The Zebronics Zebmate is a good music player and FM radio, the sort you'd want to take on a morning walk or to the gym.
The Casio GW-A1000 looks like a very busy watch with a handful of push buttons and dials. If it looks intimidating, it is.
The Sony Vaio T series comes across as a very affordable Ultrabook option, without being a shade fatter than it should be.
The Zebronics Brio is quite unlike any of the headphones we have tested, and that is more because of its looks than its performance.
The latest version of Norton Internet Security really lives up to its good name as well as the threats of the times.
After 7- and 10-inch tablets, Zen Mobile has opened a new category with a 9-inch display.
Fujifilm is trying its luck in the compact mirrorless cameras market with the XF1, a stylish camera which, without a doubt, is aimed at a niche consumer base.
Though a bit late off the blocks, Bose has finally launched an AirPlay compatible device in the Soundlink Air digital music system.
The Lenovo Ideapad Z580 is a large-hearted laptop, made in just the way laptops were supposed to be till the size-zeroes came along.
HCL's Beanstalk AIO AD1V0028 seems like a decent AIO with plug-and-play ease.
Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio is good option for people who have started using iPad as a full-fledged computer.
UbiSlate 7Ci is an entry-level tablet from DataWind, the makers of Aakash tablets. But despite its low price point, the tab packs in some good features.
Soundscience Halo 6 LED bias lighting kit from Antec is a good solution to problems .