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Test Bench

From certain angles the HP Mini 210 looks like the miniature model of some Italian sports car. The vibrant colours of the body blend seamlessly with the metallic parts, making it a stylish piece of equipment.

A loaded printer that does a good job without much noise.
A value-for-money tablet for BlackBerry with the OS 2.0 upgrade.
The wait for Windows lovers to own something similar to Apple's multi-touch Magic Mouse came to an end with Microsoft's Touch Mouse.
While engaging, WWE 12 is ultimately the same old game.
Late as it has been in entering the tablet market, Sony still stuns with a unique look for its device.
Every fall, Apple upgrades its Mac line-up. The new Air does the series proud.
Alienware's new version of its desktop-replacing laptop does not disappoint.
A collectors' edition with amazing features and good results.
The software on the Zx250 is very up to date and it manages to recognise and give alternatives for routes that had been blocked.
Bose has always been about slim and sleek speakers, but with its latest CineMate 1 SR system the company is also thinking about the look of your living room.
For those of you who play football on the screen, FIFA 2012 kicks gaming up a notch or two in terms of spellbinding graphics bordering on virtual reality.
With a new operating system and a very fast singlecore processor, the Blackberry Bold impresses.