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Test Bench

Use the new Seagate Wireless Plus as a file dump which you can access from all devices within a 30-metre rang.

The Fujifilm X-E1 is a very powerful camera, but needs some serious fettering.
Sun Direct Plus is different from DVRs as the recording is done on to USB drives and not within the set-top-box itself. But then, this option is also much cheaper.
The Microsoft Wedge keyboard is a really stylish piece of equipment. But it is also very sturdy and minimalist.
The Amkette EvoTV was one of the most innovative products of 2012.
The colour of the IdeaPad Yoga is the first thing that you will notice, for the devices otherwise looks like any good Ultrabooks.
Like other hybrids, this one too is made for regular computing and high-end tasks.
BenQ is now offering a 14MP camera for under Rs 9,000 and it comes loaded with features.
The Harman/Kardon CL is among the ones with rare squarish ear cups and a full aluminum headband.
The Olympus E-PL5 is the closest you can get to a DSLR in a palm-size form factor.
The Zeb-T9500RUCF tower speakers from Zebronics are as large as they come.
JBL J33 has put in a lot of premium components into the earphones to ensure that the sound quality is true.
One of the first things you will notice, and be pleasantly surprised about, is the click of this camera's mechanical shutter.
Simmtronics Simm X720 packs a 1GHz processor paired with a 512MB RAM.
While there are no surprises with this LED TV, it is among the cheapest available in the market for this size.