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How the workforce of small businesses could be empowered by adopting better tools and technologies

To meet the tech requirements of small businesses especially pertaining to enhancement in remote work capabilities, technology giants of the world are closely connecting with the end users.

   New Delhi     Last Updated: August 21, 2018  | 14:05 IST
How the workforce of small businesses could be empowered by adopting better tools and technologies
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For the small business of today, competition is a given and in order to survive, there is a pressing need to go beyond traditional ways and means of doing business. More than ever, small businesses need to open up to the possibilities of new tools and technologies that would strengthen their workforce.

Bob Egan, Chief Analyst, Founder, Sepharim Research Group says, "The massive changes that are occurring in the workplace are like a tale of two cities; those companies that are modernizing, especially with mobility, will attract and retain top talent, those who don't will create employee frustration, lower productivity and employee unhappiness."

To meet the tech requirements of small businesses especially pertaining to enhancement in remote work capabilities, technology giants of the world are closely connecting with the end users. Companies like Dell have come up with an array of mobile computing machines like sleek and powerful laptops, customizable computers, alterable 2-in-1 PCs etc. These form the backbone of applications that have brought about sweeping changes in the world of small businesses. We examine five key trends that are impacting small businesses and transforming the way they work.

1. Transformation in accessing business functions

The influx of smart and powerful computers in the workplace has impacted the way employees communicate, collaborate, and work. Face-to-face interactions and meetings with business partners (employees, customers, suppliers, service providers, etc.) is fast becoming a thing of the past. Online and paperless communication via smart devices have taken over from the traditional methods. Accessing common business functions via smart computers running seamlessly on enterprise applications like ERPs, CRM, BI, HR management etc. are basic requirements today. Therefore, today's workforce requires connected tools to take the complexity out of working in a growing business environment and create an efficient system where collaboration is easy and smooth. To this end, initiatives like the Dell Small Business Center are a godsend. From business application solutions to help you streamline your workflow to data security solutions, this center offers everything you need to run your business efficiently.  

2. Manifold increase in employee mobility

Cutting-edge technologies and best industry practices including workflow automation, process virtualisation and expansion of communication channels are making life easier for employees all over. Business tools or applications allowing work-on-the-move are game changers. In the changed work environment, small business owners are now procuring more of mobile hardware and offering flexible work arrangements to their employees. The workforce demands dependable, connected tools to help them get the most out of the day. The productivity solutions give them the edge by providing the right tools for the job, enhancing their potential. This has redefined functions like Sales, Marketing and Servicing. In terms of working arrangements, this means the option of work from home or greater flexibility, which in turn keeps overall costs low and productivity high. 

3. Harnessing new-age technologies

The world of small businesses is bound to change quickly in the coming days. Harnessing affordable technologies is the new mantra for success. There are several cloud-based On-demand Software ( IaaS, PaaS and SaaS - Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a service) available to small business owners, which could easily automate various business functions (say from procurement to sales) at a fraction of the original cost. To this end, multipurpose powerful computers which are getting compact in size due to advanced embedded hardware and chipsets are the key enablers.

4. A robust social media strategy is a must have

Social media is expanding with each day, not only because of its wider reach but also because of its effectiveness as a business tool for small businesses and that too at practically no cost. It is turning out to be a new age platform to simultaneously engage with all types of business partners including customers and employees. These days, social media has become a valuable business channel especially to small independent business owners / start-ups to reach out to target audience for product /service promotion and to build online connect. On top of it, multiple options to choose from a wide variety of smart hardware (including convertible computers with high definition full displays and virtual keypads) is the icing on the cake.

5. Cost reduction via work innovation

Small businesses are in a transitionary phase wherein they are realising that if they want to remain competitive,  they have to switch to contemporary thinking and work strategies. The basic "Success Mantra" for SB owners is to automate the processes which could reduce the amount of time their employees spend on low-value work. By bringing in modern gadgets into operation, one could save lots on cost without any compromise on performance. On the contrary, empirical studies point to increase in productivity and efficiency of employees. Reaching out to #DellBusinessAdvisor for advice on automation or using self-servicing tools are both equally good options.

While establishing a link between business flexibility and employee efficiency through technology is still 'work-in-progress' for SB owners, staying the course and winning in the long run calls for adoption of fresher work strategies and this necessitates the use of sophisticated systems, powerful hardware and intelligent devices.

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