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Here's how you can master the art of smart living and working

We are living in a 'smart world', one with smart watches, smart TV, smart cameras, smart homes, and everything smart.

   New Delhi     Last Updated: April 4, 2018  | 16:41 IST
Here's how you can master the art of smart living and working
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Technology is driving us today. We are living in a 'smart world', one with smart watches, smart TV, smart cameras, smart homes, and everything smart. As we plunge with break-neck speed through the process of modernization, we are looking at better infrastructure, well-planned cities, homes and offices, and comfort that is prudent and conscientious, and does not come at a cost to the environment. Everything is just a button away, making 'smart living' or 'smart working' more of a need than a trend.

Here's a crash course on how you can modify your home/office to make life simpler, productive, and comfortable, and living/working happier, more secure and energy-efficient:

1. Video door phones:  Video door phones are reliable security systems, which not only help identify and talk to a visitor at the door but are also integrated with several other smart features to make your community living easier. Designed to be used either as a standalone unit or as a part of the apartment's complex security system, these phones allow seamless communication. They also enable the users to call the building elevators to their floors directly from the comfort of their homes as well as allow apartment management to send important information to all residents through community bulletins. Super easy to install, these video phones even have a user friendly interface. Click here to read more.

2. Security systems:  Are you one of those whose paranoia about your security is directly proportional to the number of real-life crime shows that you watch? Well, in that case, you know it is better to be safe than to be sorry. You also know that locks can be picked, wired alarms can be tripped and your home/work place can be compromised. The latest automation technologies are superheroes in disguise that help you keep this paranoia in check, thanks to live streaming enabled-video security systems, wireless intrusion alarm systems and wireless security panels that make your home/office absolutely impregnable! Add to this CCTV cameras and digital video recorders, and well, you can go to sleep in peace every night.

3. Building Management System: Living/working in buildings comes with its own set of challenges, communication being the primary one. But, with a lot of smart innovations in place, managing a building and making life easier has become such a breeze. Honeywell, which is an industry leader in this field, offers a range of energy and cost-effective open architecture supports like BACnet, Niagara, OPC, LonWorks and Modbus which are supported by Brands like Alerton, Trend, Webs, INNCOM, Phoenix Control and Saia Burgess. They also offer Field Devices like Thermostats, FCU & AHU Valves, PICV's, Actuators, PRV's, Damper, Actuators & Sensors to complete the needs of an intelligent building.

4. Fire and Safety systems: The biggest of fires have been started by the smallest of seemingly harmless sparks, leading us to be perpetually well equipped with the familiar, bright red fire extinguishers in our homes and offices. But the question remains, is that enough? An in-depth understanding of the individual requirements of personal and professional spaces has led to several innovative and smart fire detection systems that can either be used as standalone entities, or be installed as part of the existing system. From smoke and fire detectors to sprinklers, emergency communications and electronic mustering, the latest smart living technologies have it all under control. What's more, in order to minimize unexpected gadget failures, control rooms are in place to monitor any eventuality.

5. Energy efficient comfort systems:  Did you know your average refrigerator emits anything between 94 to 328 kg of carbon dioxide per month, and uses a refrigerant that is 10,000 more harmful for the planet than CO2?! Imagine how much harm your frozen yogurts and chilled juices are causing to the ozone layer! Too big a price to pay, eh? Responsible living is the need of the hour. Opt for refrigerants that are made with materials with low global warming potential, and that help conserve energy and reduce carbon footprint. Control the air quality of your house/office with humidifiers/dehumidifiers and UV treatment systems that zap air borne particles, are easy-to-install, and use the minimum energy possible. Click here to read more.



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