'India's loss was China's gain': Sunil Bharti Mittal on electronics and equipment manufacturing

Mittal, who started manufacturing telephones (push button ones in 1982), has closely watched India's long journey in the manufacturing space.

Moonlighting debate: 'I have no problem,' says C.P. Gurnani of Tech Mahindra

It is to be noted that Wipro CEO Rishad Premji had recently voiced his displeasure on the concept of moonlighting. TCS COO N Ganapathy Subramaniam has also spoken about moonlighting.

5G plans to remain affordable, say Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw and Sunil Mittal of Airtel

The 5th Generation of wireless technology in telecommunication will be capable of delivering reliable higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds with ultra-low latency.

'I will be fine': Airtel's Sunil Mittal is not worried about Adani's telco entry

The Adani group entered the industrial 5G space this year after acquiring 400 MHz of spectrum in the 5G airwaves auction held recently.

'No, moonlighting is not cheating': Ex-Infosys director Mohandas Pai disagrees with Wipro's Rishad Premji

Pai said, "Employment is a contract between an employer who pays me for working for them for 'n' number of hours a day. During that time, I have to abide by their conditions. Now what I do after that time is my freedom, I can do what I want.”

Personal Data Protection Bill to see the light of the day soon: Ashwini Vaishnaw

The most important thing he talked about is how we make sure that every person in this country, every citizen of this country, is able to access the grievance redressal mechanism in a very simple and very highly accessible way.

India to become a major semiconductor manufacturing nation in next 5-6 years: Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw

Acknowledging India needs to accelerate this journey, Vaishnaw said India needs to accept that the world is ahead of us. But he promised that India would get multiple fabs.

Healthcare, education, skill development need serious attention: Shashi Tharoor at BT India@100 Summit

On the skill development side, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor encouraged the government to form policies to engage the private sector to offer vocational training to people who did not have formal education.

8 Promises Union minister Ashwini Vaishnaw made at Business Today India@100 conclave

Very soon, the government will be uploading the revised draft of personal data protection bill, which will meet everyone's expectations, says Ashwini Vaishnaw.

Truly believe India has potential to become data capital of the planet: Microsoft India president

“We are the only country to have more than half a million engineers joining the workforce every year,” said Anant Maheshwari, President Microsoft India at the Business Today India@100 Summit.

Expect 5G services to rollout from October, says Bharti Airtel head

Sunil Mittal also assured that there won’t be any significant change in tariffs for 5G customers.

It is time for the Indian woman to step up and dream big

In a freewheeling conversation with Editor, Business Today, Sourav Majumdar, the Chairman of SAIL, Soma Mondal said that the Indian woman today is ready to take bold steps towards leadership.

'They will always have more capital,' says Airtel's Sunil Mittal on battle with Ambani's Jio

Sunil Mittal, Founder and Chairman Bharti Enterprises, on Friday said that there would not be a monopoly in the telecom sector in India.

India has potential to become a global leader in environmental, social & governance

With better operational efficiencies in many traditionally polluting sectors and a great talent pool, India stands a great chance …

'Regulatory Cholesterol' - 1,536 laws govern doing business in India

At the Business Today India@100 Economy Summit, a panel discussion - The 'Regulatory Cholesterol' That is Getting in the Way of Doing Business – highlighted the fact that businesses in India are bound by huge number of laws that actually make companies look at ways to stay outside the orgnaised segment.

BrahMos missile misfire: IAF officers did not follow the SOPs, says DG Rane

Rane told Raj Chengappa, Group Editorial Director (Publishing), India Today Group: "A court of inquiry was set up and it was concluded that the SOPs were not followed by the three IAF officers."

Handholding, R&D and academia can help foster entrepreneurship, say stakeholders

Recent government initiatives to open up strategically sensitive sectors such as space and defence has encouraged private enterprise's entry.

Do we want to become like Sri Lanka? Power minister questions freebie culture

“No electricity is free. Either the taxpayer is paying for it or someone else is. I want to ask the minister (chief ministers), who is paying for the freebies? Succeeding generations will have to pay for it. Do we want to become like Sri Lanka,” asked RK Singh.

The stage is set for the Indian MSME growth story

Easy finance and incentives could help the segment push fast growth.

Coal continues to be a concern for the country: Power minister

“Coal is something that concerns us. If you look at our domestic coal consumption, it is about 3 lakh tonnes more than our domestic coal arrival. It's a matter of worry,” said Power Minister Raj Kumar Singh.

India to be $18-20 trillion economy by 2047: Economist Ajit Ranade at BT India@100 summit

"I think India will be $18-20 trillion economy by 2047, six times bigger than what it is currently," economist Ajit Ranade said.

Digitisation will impact Indian consumption in a big way. Here's why

In a panel discussion for BT's India@100 summit, the overriding idea was the various ways by which digitisation has altered consumption patterns in India in the wake of the pandemic.

'Moonlighting' divides IT sector; TCS COO N Ganapathy Subramaniam calls it 'ethical' matter

As per Subramaniam, “Moonlighting is an ethical issue, we need to inculcate the ethics and (idea of) being right and if we make something like this for short-term gains, in the long-term we will lose out.”

TCS to end work-from-home culture; 25,000 hired during pandemic quit before getting ID cards

TCS COO N Ganapathy Subramaniam was speaking at Business Today's India@100 Summit in a session moderated by its Editor Sourav Majumdar.

Digital is the inevitable way forward for everyone, says TCS' N Ganapathy Subramaniam

TCS COO, N Ganapathy Subramaniam outlines top technological trends and thinks moonlighting is “an ethical issue.”

Govt is trying to provide quantity and quality education to create global citizens, says Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

Pradhan added that the Modi government aims to upgrade the whole education system, and skill workers so that the country can have global companies, and global citizens.

India will offer all kinds of educational institutions, no monopoly allowed: Dharmendra Pradhan

A few regulations are par for the course, but foreign universities are welcome as India wants to de-bottleneck its education system, the minister said.

‘Isko kaatna nahi isko dikhana’: Dharmendra Pradhan takes potshots at Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia

Pradhan's comments comes in the backdrop of a much-talked-about article on Delhi's education model under the Kejriwal government which appeared in the NYT.

Airline passengers to overtake Railways' airconditioned travellers in next 7 years, says Scindia

The minister also said that India had planned an aggressive expansion of airport capacity through a Rs 97,000 crore Capex plan.

CUET exams: Education minister Dharmendra Pradhan says there are challenges, but they will be sorted

“I accept this challenge, we will have to (create) innovative models, the challenge for our education is affordability, accessibility, quality and inclusivity,this country has to approach multi-prong strategy", Pradhan said.

Govt creating demand for the drone industry, says Jyotiraditya Scindia

The minister, who was speaking at BT's India@100 event, noted that the moment he became a minister, he said that the moment he became CM, the whole drone policy was overhauled and all the permissions, all the fees, he said.

My hands quite full with or without Air India,' says Civil Aviation Minister Scindia

Using the example of Air India, the Union Minister underscored that he believes it is high time the government changes its approach from that of being a regulator to being a facilitator.

ATF prices declined by 12%, hope to see this trend continuing, says Jyotiraditya Scindia

Commenting on the heavy taxations on ATF that airlines have been battling, Scindia said at the Business Today's India @ 100 summit

In Metaverse, AR to Take Over from VR

Smartphone-based AR metaverse experiences need to take off for the market to reach the estimated figure of $1 trillion.

Needed: An Integrated Framework

To combat air pollution and climate change, India needs to have an integrated strategy towards both, through interlinked...

India Needs Greater Innovation in Education

Technology-backed innovations are key to redesigning the education environment in which schools and institutes are operating.

Fuelling the 4th Industrial Revolution

Organisations would need to get their technology, talent and governance strategies right to be able to ride the ensuing wave of Industry 4.0 and reap timely and meaningful benefits.

With Inclusive Policy Reforms and Enabling Infrastructure, the Indian Economy Can Get Back on Track

After seeing 5X growth in less than two decades, the Indian economy encountered the pandemic speed-breaker, but with inclusive policy reforms and enabling infrastructure, we can get back on track soon.

Scripting a Global Leadership Role for Indian Pharma

In the post-Covid-19 world, India must transition from being a volume player to a substantial value player in the global pharma market.

Karthik Reddy on How Most New Enterprise Creations Will Be Tech Start-ups

Across industries, most new enterprise creations outside of physical infra-heavy businesses will be tech start-ups. That would mean a rush of unicorns.

Tech to Power Growth of Capital Market

India’s capital markets technology is today at a crossroads, with the markets developing and tech defining the future of the industry.

Will Super Apps Disrupt the Internet Economy?

Only if they can offer a seamless marketplace user experience and a more-than robust cybersecurity promise on data and payments information.

Building a Resilient Supply Chain: From Backend Support to Core Competence

Covid-19 has forced companies to bring supply chains to the front and centre of their strategy. Going forward, successful firms will be those with strong supply chains

Workplace in the New Normal: The Great Reshuffle

Every organisation will need a new digital fabric for collaboration that brings together both digital and physical spaces and empowers everyone to participate

Insurers to Turn Fintech Players

Covid-19 may be a black swan event, but health insurers are preparing by casting a wider net by using technology to expand their reach

Digital Super Cycle Will Power Us Ahead s

The other growth engines will also fire, but digital transformation will create momentum to take GDP growth from 7 per cent to 15 per cent

Scripting a Smart Growth Story

Digital transformation is changing the way businesses are run. It is allowing companies to take more risks and pursue newer opportunities to evolve

Target: A $120 Billion Industry

Innovation and universal healthcare can make the Indian pharmaceutical industry a force to reckon with by 2030

Mining Local Demand

As pent-up demand keeps the economy poised for a bounce-back, pragmatic policy reforms and a vibrant disinvestment process can ensure that the metals and mining industry helps India and its citizens prosper

Low-cost Housing to Drive Growth

there will be a structural long-term demand for housing and, therefore, housing finance in India

Building a 'Just in Case' Supply Chain

India has an incredible opportunity to define the digital supply-chain standards for a new world order

Making a Global Impact

Young entrepreneurs are not only creating solutions to serve the needs of their domestic environment but also ones that cater to two-thirds of the global population

Towards Greener Pastures

India's 450 GW renewable energy target is ambitious, but the pace of reforms and incentives is spurring the country to a greener future

Energy Will See Biggest Disruption

Infrastructure is overdue for change. And, the digital revolution will further redefine the sector

Rurban Approach Will Yield Riches

Portfolio, reach, relevance, price point and convenience must resonate well with consumers in Bharat, but this doesn’t mean urban consumers should be off the radar

The Next Chapter in the Start-up Growth Story

As the start-up investment ecosystem evolves post-pandemic, angel investors, global players and entrepreneurs-turned-investors want to be part of the next big market

Rural Will Drive New Biz Models

Bringing the next 30 million businesses online can put India on the path of explosive economic growth

India Can Shape the Future of the Internet

If you look across the technology sector - from travel, food-tech, ed-tech, agri-tech, healthcare, transportation, and fintech - India's Internet is defined and shaped by proudly Indian companies