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Tiktok overtakes Youtube in average watch time in US and UK

Sep 09, 2021

The figures, however, indicated viewership on only Android phones, so it does not represent a picture of mobile users as a whole but given the shutdown threats that Tikok faced in the US in 2020, TikTok has seen a meteoric rise in the country.

TikTok may no longer remain a short-video platform, spotted testing long-format videos

Aug 27, 2021

After increasing the time limit of its videos from one minute to three minutes, TikTok may now allow users to post a 5-minute-long video

ByteDance said that the Chinese subsidiary referenced in the report only related to some of its China market video and information platforms (Source:Reuters)

Chinese govt takes stake, board seat in ByteDance's key local entity

Aug 17, 2021

The deal does not give the Chinese government any stake in the firm's hit short-video app TikTok because of ByteDance's complex corporate structure

Reddit starts rolling out TikTok-like video feed for iOS users

Aug 15, 2021

Reddit has introduced a new TokTok like video feed on its iOS mobile app. It allows users through a vertical, perpetual list of videos.

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Facebook bans over 300 accounts that claimed Covid-19 vaccines would turn humans into chimpanzees

Aug 13, 2021

The campaign also aimed at engaging influencers with pre-existing audiences on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok to post content and use particular hashtags without disclosing the origin of the posts.

Beijing-based BytDance said in April that it had no imminent plans for an initial public offering (IPO) (Source:Reuters)

TikTok owner ByteDance targets Hong Kong IPO by early 2022

Aug 08, 2021

ByteDance is planning to list in either the fourth quarter of this year or in early 2022 after addressing Chinese regulators' concerns

Cimato explained why these rules need to be followed too in a TikTok video titled "5 things you never do on an airplane"

'Don't wear shorts on a flight': Crew member tells passengers in viral TikTok video

Aug 03, 2021

It seems like even this is not enough, as experienced flight attendant and TikToker Tommy Cimato has apprised netizens of another set of rules to bear in mind

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After PUBG and Shein, TikTok could return to India as TickTock

Jul 20, 2021

A new trademark application by ByteDance suggests that banned short video platform TikTok could find its way back into India.

ByteDance aims to raise billions of dollars by listing overseas

Amid Didi row, ByteDance eyes listing in US; meets Chinese regulators

Jul 12, 2021

Initial process for filing IPO was initiated in April. Chinese companies aiming to raise money in overseas markets are facing regulatory scrutiny in China

TikTok will automatically remove content related to nudity, violence from its platform

Jul 10, 2021

The short-video platform will now be rolling out a new system that will block videos that violate the company's policies and guidelines.