Biz EOD: Why India stayed away from RCEP; Reliance's monopoly in retail space; top doctor dismisses Odonil's claim

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The 15-nation group of world's largest free trade bloc - Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement - has made it clear that they are missing India. The consolidation in the retail space has raised the murmurs of growing monopoly of Reliance Retail in the retail space, and some other sectors like telecom, power and online search. Dr Faheem Younus, Head of Infectious Diseases at Maryland University and a reliable voice on COVID-19, has called Odonil's 'Hawa ka doctor' ad "Good video. Bad science". Read for more top stories from the world of business and economy:

1. RCEP: 5 reasons why India stayed away from world's largest trade deal

To ensure that no domestic industry in any of the 16 RCEP countries suffers due to malpractices, India had proposed an auto trigger mechanism which has not been accepted

2. Is India heading towards Reliance's monopoly in retail space? Find out CCI Chairman's views

While fate of RIL's Future Retail acquisition remains uncertain after Amazon got an interim arbitration order against that transaction, consolidation in retail space has raised murmurs of growing monopoly of the company in retail and some other sectors

3. Moderna COVID-19 vaccine 94.5% effective; can be stored in homes, clinics for 30 days

Moderna stated that its COVID-19 vaccine candidate remains stable for 30 days at 2-degree Celsius to 8-degree Celsius, the temperature of a standard home or medical refrigerator.

4. 'Bad science. Waste of money': Top doctor dismisses Odonil's 'Hawa ka doctor' claim

A Dabur spokesperson told BusinessToday.In that Dr Younus has misinterpreted the advertisement. 'Nowhere in the ad, we have said it fights COVID-19. Nowhere we have said it fights coronavirus. We are saying it (air spray) kills germs in the air,' the spokesperson said.

5. COVID-19 update: Normal life will be back next winter, says BioNTech CEO

BioNTech's CEO and Co-founder Ugur Sahin said, if everything continues to go well, the vaccine would begin to be delivered at the "end of this year, beginning of next year."