Lam Research acquires SEMSYSCO; adds advanced packaging capabilities

Lam Research acquires SEMSYSCO; adds advanced packaging capabilities

The semiconductor equipment manufacturer Lam Research has acquired SEMSYSCO for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition will bring advanced packaging capabilities and gains a state-of-the-art R&D facility.

Lam Research acquires SEMSYSCO; adds advanced packaging capabilities Lam Research acquires SEMSYSCO; adds advanced packaging capabilities

The American wafer fabrication equipment manufacturer Lam Research has completed the acquisition of Austria based SEMSYSCO, a global provider of wet processing semiconductor equipment, for an undisclosed amount. With this acquisition, Lam adds capabilities in advanced packaging, ideal for leading-edge logic chips and chiplet-based solutions for high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and other data-intensive applications to its portfolio.

"The strategic acquisition of SEMSYSCO furthers our commitment to help chipmakers address their emerging technology challenges, adding deep capabilities in advanced substrates and packaging processes," said Tim Archer, president and chief executive officer at Lam Research. "With innovative offerings and leading-edge research and development in packaging, Lam is well-positioned to support our customers as they scale to future chiplet-based technologies," he added.

The acquisition of SEMSYSCO broadens Lam's packaging offerings, bringing a portfolio of innovative cleaning and plating capabilities for chiplet-to-chiplet or chiplet-to-substrate heterogeneous integration. This includes support of fan-out panel-level packaging, a game-changing process in which chips or chiplets are cut from a large, rectangular substrate sheet several times the size of a traditional silicon wafer. This approach enables chipmakers to significantly increase yield and reduce waste.

"Packaging plays an important role in extending Moore's Law and enabling future leadership products with higher levels of system in package integration. New substrate-based panel-level approaches are vital to cost-effectively realizing the high-performance chiplet-based solutions needed for the digital world," said Keyvan Esfarjani, chief global operations officer at Intel Corporation. "We are pleased to expand our deep, long-standing relationship with Lam to include advanced cleaning and plating processes in the new panel form factor."

With the acquisition of SEMSYSCO, Lam also gains a state-of-the-art R&D facility in Austria focused on next-generation substrates and heterogeneous packaging, broadening the company's strong development capabilities in Europe and adding a sixth lab in Lam's global network. In addition, it brings to Lam new and expanded relationships with chipmakers and fabless customers.

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Published on: Nov 16, 2022, 1:58 PM IST
Posted by: Tarab Zaidi, Nov 16, 2022, 1:41 PM IST