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Coronavirus: Here's how you can get groceries during 21-day lockdown

Coronavirus update: The Mumbai Police took to social media to assure people that groceries and medicines would be available throughout the 21-day lockdown period

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | March 27, 2020 | Updated 16:24 IST
Coronavirus: Here’s how you can get groceries during 21-day lockdown
Coronavirus news: Govt has said essential goods would remain available

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for lockdown sent a lot of people rushing to the nearby stores to stock up for the coming weeks. However, the Prime Minister and Chief Ministers from across the country have reiterated that essential goods will be made available to the people and provisions are being made for the same.

However, as stepping out amid the lockdown has become a challenge in itself, concerns over gathering essential items and groceries have continued. One thing to keep in mind during the lockdown is that you can only go to your nearby shops.

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Here's how you can gather groceries during the 21-day lockdown period:

Delhi: The Delhi government has made it clear that essential goods will continue to be available during the lockdown. CM Arvind Kejriwal said that all shops that provide essential items are being allowed to operate 24X7 without passes. Door delivery of medicines has also been allowed by the government. The Delhi government has also issued e-passes to essential service and goods providers.

Mumbai: The Mumbai Police took to social media to assure people that groceries and medicines would be available throughout the 21-day period. "All are requested to note that the lockdown will not affect any essential commodities or services like food, groceries, medicine and medical equipment etc. The essential services and the establishments of essential commodities will remain open. There is no need to panic and rush to shops now," said Pranay Ashok, Spokesperson of Mumbai Police.

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Bengaluru: You can procure groceries and medicines from your nearby shops. Moreover, city-based social enterprise Three Wheels United has also launched a programme that allows auto drivers to prove essentials like medicines and groceries to the ones in need. 

Noida: While you can still step out to the nearest store, a very easy option is to get your groceries and medicines delivered to your homes. The UP government has approved 12,000 vendors who can go and deliver goods and essentials to the ones in need.

Gurugram: The Delhi-Noida model applies to Gurugram as well. The Delhi government has also made provisions to allow passage of essential goods between Noida, Delhi and Gurugram.

Chandigarh: For the residents of the city, home delivery is the best option. The government has issued a list of medical shops and grocery shops that are allowed to make home deliveries to residents.

Jalandhar: The city has been divided into various sectors. The sectors have been allotted medical and grocery shops that will ensure delivery to the homes.

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Hyderabad: The Police has ensured that essential commodities are allowed free passage. The Director General of Police has issued orders to let delivery executives roam freely to deliver essential commodities.

Kolkata: As people broke lockdown protocols on the first day, the police has been keeping a strict eye on movement. However, you will be allowed to step out to the nearest store to stock up.


Additionally, the governments have also allowed online grocery, medicine and food delivery as essential commodities. BigBasket, Grofers, Flipkart and Amazon faced initial hurdles over delivery of essentials and suspended services. While some are in talks with local authorities for free passage, some platforms are back to delivering.

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