Domino's customer finds insect in oregano packet; video goes viral

BT Online   New Delhi     Last Updated: September 12, 2017  | 17:01 IST
Domino's customer finds insect in oregano packet; video goes viral

A Domino's customer in Gurugram has posted a video on Facebook which shows insects in Domino's oregano sachets that come with their pizza. The customer Rahul Arora, who made the post on September 10, had ordered the pizza the previous day.  

"Ordered their pizza this Friday night. Found Oregano sachets infested with #insects. Did not discover it until the next day when we opened one of the leftover sachets to spread it on some bread. We were shocked. Opened all the sachets they delivered and found these in every single one of them. Recorded one of it. Check out the video" Arora wrote in his post. He expressed his outrage saying "Don't know how many of these we actually ate! Feel outraged."

Arora had made the order using Domino's mobile app. He also said somebody had to take accountability for the negligence in quality.  "Where does the buck stop? Someone needs to answer," he wrote. The pizza maker has reached out to Arora to share details so they can investigate the matter.

The video meanwhile has gone viral with 230 thousand views and hundreds of comments.

A spokesperson for Domino's Pizza mentioned that they have the strictest hygiene standards and thogoughly check the satchets. "At Domino's Pizza, we maintain the strictest hygiene and quality standards in all our products and processes. We would like to reassure you that we have thoroughly checked  oregano sachets in our restaurants and across our value chain. We have found them to be safe for consumption. We value you as a customer and assure you of best quality and hygiene in our products," she mentioned. She also urged customers to store such satchets only under proper storage conditions.




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