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Ghaziabad bank robbery: Burglars drill through 9-inch wall, make away with crores

Bank officials are still trying to calculate how much was taken by the burglars.

BT Online   New Delhi     Last Updated: June 13, 2017  | 19:49 IST
Ghaziabad bank robbery: Burglars drill through 9-inch wall, make away with crores

Robbers drilled a two-foot wide hole through a nine-inch wall of Modinagar branch of Punjab National Bank in Ghaziabad and stole valuables reportedly worth crores of rupees from its lockers sometime during the last weekend. The culprits also took a double barrel gun with them.

The bank had been closed at 6 pm on Saturday, and remained so for the rest of the weekend. It is believed that the culprits carried out the robbery during this time. The incident came to light after the bank reopened on Monday when one of the bank officials saw light streaming from the hole in the locker room.

Reports suggest that the robbers hug the hole six feet above the steel lockers. FIR was later filed at the Modinagar police station against unidentified individuals. Dog squads and forensic teams have been engaged in the search for burglars involved.

Burglars got into 30 lockers out of the total of 435 ones available at the bank. Four lockers broken by them were not being used presently, however, they did try to break the locks on a few more, a Times of India quoted police sources saying.

The exact value of item stolen in the heist is yet to be determined but the numbers are expected to run in crores. Meanwhile, worried customers kept pouring in at the bank all through Monday. As of now, bank officials are trying to ascertain how much of the valuables were taken by the burglars.

Robbers entered the bank through an office at the adjoining plot which was used by Modi Rubber Ltd. They drilled a hole six feet from the ground and right above rows of steel lockers. The bank's building had also been rented from the same firm before it was sold to Haryana Distilleries which has continued the rent agreement.

The bank strong room which houses the lockers has two security doors, which can be opened using two separate keys, kept in the care of bank officials, at once. The strong room is equipped with a burglar alarm and a CCTV camera. However, being a weekend, there was no guard on duty when the alarm went off. Investigators are scanning CCTV footage for clues about the burglars.

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