Here's what makes McDonald's French fries tasty and addictive

BT Online   New Delhi     Last Updated: July 17, 2017  | 18:54 IST
Here's what makes McDonald's French fries tasty and addictive

A lot of people in Indian cities and across the world love McDonald's not just for its burgers, but also French fries.  The fries have a  perfectly balanced crispiness to them, and carry a flavour that's unique. But what makes them really tasty and addictive?

McDonald's French Fries are precise in shape as potatoes are cut using machines, after which they are blanched to remove natural sugar. This is to prevent variation in colour when they are cooked.

Following the blanching process, a dextrose solution is added to have a nice even coat on the potatoes. Another ingredient is added to prevent the graying of the product right through the production process. The excess moisture from the potato strips are then removed with the help of a drying system.

After the drying, the potatoes are fried for 45 to 60 seconds after which they are frozen and packaged for supply to McDonald's outlets. Once they reach the retail outlets, the fries are fried in vegetable oil before being served.

But the special component that makes it really tasty is the flavouring ingredient called "natural beef flavour", according to British publication The Independent. The flavour is "hydrolysed wheat and hydrolysed milk as starting ingredients." The hydrolysation process breaks down the wheat and milk proteins with water. This is responsible for the meaty note in the fries.

The next time you pick up french fries at Mcdonald's, you know why you can't stop!

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