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No day time sex for Indians

The ban on day-time airing of condom advertisements on TV will unlikely to have an impact on the growing demand for sex toys in India

Tejeesh N S Behl   New Delhi     Last Updated: December 12, 2017  | 18:05 IST
No day time sex for Indians

The latest order, on limiting telecast of condom advertisements on television between 10 pm and 6 am, by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, seems to ignore the burdgeoning sex products and sex toys industry in India, which is driven by online sales.
A survey by found that women usually prefer the time between 10 am and 1 pm to buy sex products-possibly because they can surf the net in privacy during that time at home, if they are homemakers.

If anything, the condom industry needs a leg-up, considering condom sales have more than halved in a country considered the fifth most sexually active nation, with 100 million people having sex daily.

The Indian sex products industry is still a minnow, when pitted against the global size - Rs 2,500 crore domestic sex products market versus Rs 105,000 crore global sex products market. The average basket size, which was Rs 2,600 in 2015, increased by just 3.5% in 2016 - though it increases by almost a fifth during the wedding season.
In fact, specific events like Valentine's Day & Navratris see a spike in sales of sex products, with two and a half times more sales than monthly average on V-Day and three times the average monthly sales during Navratras, according to the survey.
So, which are the states and cities that lead the sex products sales drive? Maharashtra remains the undisputed leader for two years running, followed by Karnataka. Gujarat comes in at third during the Navratri season.

Among metro cities, Mumbai has been the top consumer of sex products for three consecutive years, while Delhi could learn a lot from Noida, which tops the charts among tier 2 cities.

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