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'Office se mail aaya': This girl's rant on returning to office sums up feelings of employees

They haven't even asked me to return to work, they asked how I 'feel' about returning to work and my core is shaken, she says

Anwesha Madhukalya | February 23, 2021 | Updated 17:09 IST
‘Office se mail aaya’: This girl’s rant on returning to office sums up feelings of employees

Instagrammer's viral video on WFH

Remember the time before COVID-19 when one used to wake up early -- some diligently on time, some with a bit of whine -- make oneself presentable, take the long commute to work, spend hours in office, take the long commute back home, and if luxury permits, a drink or two with friends? It seems like a long time ago! And just about when people were getting used to being cooped up in their rooms, joining meetings in pyjamas, deliciousness of home-made food and spending time with family, offices one-by-one have decided to call their employees back.  The anxiety of leaving the easy and lazy ways of being at home and slipping into formals for the conference room is palpable. In a video that has gone viral, an Instagrammer Harjas Sethi can be seen listing the pitfalls of going back to office.

It all started when she received a mail from the HR department with the subject 'Return to Work'. "Toh kya matlab huwa iska? Ab razai se nikal kar, naha kar, taiyyar ho kar, office jana padega?" says a blank-faced Sethi. (Then what does this mean? Now we will have to get out of the blanket, get dressed up and go to office?)

They haven't even asked me to return to work, they asked how i "feel" about returning to work and my core is shaken, she continues. "Mai inse poochna chahti hoon, yeh karna hi kyun hai? Sabki zindagiya theek chal rahi hai, tumhara revenue badh raha hai, tumhare transport and facility ka paisa bach raha hai, kyun beechare gareeb ke pet mein laath maar rahe ho?" she says. (I want to ask them why do we have to do this? Everyone is doing well, your revenue is increasing, you are saving money in transport and facility, then why are you torturing the poor people?)

"I have just gotten rid of my dark circles, my life has got a bit better, got rid of my tanning and you are doing this," she says. Sethi continues and says that she has already packed her jeans, trousers and bras and kept them aside. "Pyjama mein zindagi jeene ki aadat ho gayi hai," she says. (Now we have gotten used to living life in pyjamas)

"Thing is this: human being is a creature of habit. Sher ke muh mein ab khoon lag gaya hai, ab ho na payega," she continues her monologue. (The lion has now tasted blood, nothing can happen now)

In the end, Sethi wraps up the video with a note to her employer and says it is only for entertainment purposes. "Market mein waise hi naukriyan nahin hai, please fire matt karna. Aap jaha bologe wahi aake kaam karungi mai, aapke ghar me aa kar kaam karungi," she says. (Please don't fire me. Already there is a scarcity of jobs. I will work from wherever you ask, I will even work from your home)

The video went viral and has been retweeted by Paytm boss Vijay Shekhar Sharma. Sethi told BusinessToday.In that she did not in her wildest dreams imagine her video to reach so many people. "I make videos on Instagram only for fun, so no, not even in my wildest dreams, did I expect it to reach so many people," she said.

As for someone who so aptly captured the struggles of having to return to work, Sethi thinks that WFH is a win-win situation. "I think it's a win win situation for everyone. Given a choice, I'd like to work from home for the rest of my life because it allows me to be efficient while being home with my cat," she said.

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