Wine and Dine
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Wine and Dine

A drink at the bar that inspired the grand old man of American letters is a fine way to soak up the bygone days of Parisian bohemia.

Bills at these restaurant will go up by three per cent, as a service tax of 10 per cent will be levied on 30 per cent of the billed amount.
An evening spent imbibing knowledge and the produce of Champagne becomes an occasion to remember.
Sandeep Arora heads south and checks out the bars in Bangalore and Chennai. Here's his pick of the best watering holes for discerning tipplers.
Immensely popular in its various forms throughout the Mediterranean, anise-based drinks are the best way to kick back on a hot afternoon.
Here's something for the cosmopolitan globetrotter, specially crafted by one of the coolest designers around.

Sandeep Arora goes walkabout in North India, and hunts out the best watering holes for discerning tipplers. The first in a series.