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The ODC consignment is 72-metre long, 23 meter wide and weighs 995 metric tonne. It was delivered at the Paradip port by a Chinese vessel M V Yuan Jian.

The ring, which has a Guinness Book of World Records certificate for being the world's biggest gold ring, is on display at the Deira Gold Souq (market) in Dubai.
Fast cars, bikes and boats. Racing tidbits from around the world.
An SBI chest normally contains Rs 50 crore cash for disbursement. The officials at the bank remained non-committal about the amount of cash destroyed.
You've joined the elite rank of collectors. Now display and protect your artworks with the right supports and frame. Susmita Saha tells you how.
The world's most expensive apartments are now ready for their occupants.
Selling a car yourself may take effort and time but it will be worth the price you get.
Indian consumers are the most confident worldwide, according to the Global Consumer Confidence Index survey released in November by research firm The Nielsen Company.
Tired? In dire need of 40 winks? What you ate last night could be the reason for this. Read on as we ask experts how to eat right to sleep tight.
In an attempt to control the scale of protests in the country, the then reigning Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, pulled the plug off the Internet for five days.
Group buying is the latest online trend offering big discounts on leisure activities and at eateries, a first in the country.
For many commuters, the worst part about using public transport is not the crowd, noise or traffic; it's the tedium of carrying a large amount of loose change.