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Zaveri Bazar is an icon of Mumbai, a money distributor on its own and an employment generator too. This best explains why almost every time Mumbai is attacked, these crazy, narrow, crowded bylanes - the business hub within the hub - are attacked, too.

Tamil Nadu's finances are in complete disarray after the outgoing DMK government turned ultra populist and resorted to excessive welfare measures.
Fresh from a multi million dollar renovation, Switzerland's Crans Ambassador in the heart of the Alps is worth a look.
A tour of the sets of a reality TV show proves to be more fascinating than the eventual telecast.
Here is a take on people, places and products doing the rounds these days.
Take a few steps back in time to rediscover Shimla, the queen of hills, and the sahibs' summer favourite.
Unique, personal and intriguing; miniature paintings of the royals have always been great art, and now they form the cornerstone of any great art collection.
As custom becomes key, luxury brands are breaching new frontiers in the world of limited edition automobiles.
The mountains of Tehri Gharwal abound in myths, legends, stories and hospitality.