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What it means: An employee who wants to quit his job but doesn't want to lose his benefits.

Jawboning: The use of public appeals to influence actions, especially relating to business.
What it means: Filling non-essential positions instead of recruiting core staff. It usually occurs just before bankruptcy.
What it means: The peak of popularity of a product or a phenomenon.
What it means: A manager who interacts only when a problem arises, makes hasty decisions, and leaves behind a mess to be cleared by others.
What it means: Tweetup is an organised or impromptu 'meeting' between people who are on Twitter. Cash in on Limited Liability
What it means: Conducting a streetside business without an appropriate licence, especially in the auto business.
What it means: An individual who engages in unproductive activities at the workplace.
Bluebird is defined as an unexpected or a very profitable sale in business.
What it means: A very short, concise speech meant to convince somebody about the validity of an idea, product, or service.
What it means: An Australian marsupial but in the corporate world refers to projects that are a drain on resources without yielding the desired results.
What it means: The process of "absorbing success" or becoming successful by sucking up to the boss.