Credit/debit cards help you dispense with wads of cash, while reward points add to their attraction. What detracts from their appeal, however, is the increasing incidence of fraud.

Borrowing against assets such as gold or property can be a lot cheaper than a personal loan.
The banking sector is on a dream run, outperforming its peers over the past three years. Tanvi Varma finds out whether the upswing will continue.
The banking sector has a new buzzword-base rate. It was introduced in the Indian banking system on 1 July after a directive by the Reserve Bank of India.
The tumultuous changes in the economic landscape over the past two years have rewritten many canons of financial prudence.
As bank loan rates are deregulated from April, it will lead to transparent pricing, a rise in credit flow to small borrowers and an end to rate wars.
The RBI is working on a more efficient electronic payment system, which means your financial transactions will soon become faster and cheaper.
If you thought offshore accounts were used only to park illegal funds, think again. They could be your ticket to legal tax savings and diversification.
The RBI is protecting locker owners by introducing significant changes in this sphere.
By reducing the impact of past financial mistakes, you can improve your credit worthiness. However, there are no quick fixes.
Deposit rates are poised to go up. Tanvi Varma tells you what this means for your debt investments and how you can get the best returns without much risk.
Don't fret if you can't lay your hands on free credit cards. The fee-based cards, with their attractive rewards and freebies, can be a sound pick.
Speed Clearing System can help save time and effort by ensuring swift processing of outstation cheques. Find out how to avail of the facility.
The aim of GenNext banking is not only to attract the youth but to do so at infancy and continue for life.
History has an eerie way of repeating itself and memory of the pain of busts, according to economist John Kenneth Galbraith, is perhaps the best regulator.
Improved accessibility and greater customer convenience have been at the centre of the recent measures to revamp banking services.
Arun Thukral, Managing Director, Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited, talks about the importance and limitations of credit information reports.
The customer care executives have been known to wash their hands off the matter by asking you to issue a new cheque.