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Sulabh Puri        Print Edition: August 2011


Rs 49,990

A projector is the first need that comes to mind when you are thinking of a home-theatre set-up. The Epson DM 3 has been around for quite some time and is still one of the best money can buy. Its uniqueness is still unmatched. While it may be a projector, it has onboard speakers and a DVD slot. The video quality is excellent and can be played up to 300 inches. It supports HD resolution and you can play back media from various devices such as PC, Blu-ray player or a game console.

Specs: 3 LCD projection; HD resolution; 30-300 inches screen; 2000 lm brightness, 3000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI, USB, DVD player

LG AF 115
Rs 2.25 lakh

LG AF 115
This mammoth projector elicits a "wow!" from everyone who sees its performance. Built for a large home-theatre set-up, this huge projector is worth every penny spent on it. The colours are life-like and it supports Full HD resolution of 1080P. Connectivity ports include HDMI, component and VGA. You can manually adjust the lens for the best picture-this might take some time but once done you are set for a brilliant experience. It is loud so keep it at a distance from your theatre seats.

Specs: LCoS Technology; 1080P resolution support; 1500 lumens brightness; 30,000:1 contrast ratio; manual zoom; 9.6 kg


LG BX580
Price: Rs 27,990

LG BX580
Why settle for just a BD player that cannot play 3D content when you can get one that does both? Of course, a 3D ready BD player is going cost double the price of a regular one. But we reckon that if you are thinking of buying one you al-ready own a 3D TV or are planning to buy one. So given the price of 3D TVs, funds, we presume, are not a problem. LG has a new 3D Blu-ray player, the BX580, that is compatible with most 3D TV. It is Internet ready too. Users can play media files from a USB as well. It can also upscale DVD con-tent to 1080P resolution.

Specs: Full HD support; 3D supported; Ethernet; Internet Ready; USB, HDMI

Price: Rs 11,990

It is the age of Blu-ray. Your home-theatre system should have the latest offering. Samsung is out with an affordable BD player option in the form of the C5500. It can do it all-play Blu-ray flicks, DVD movies and even browse the Internet. That is correct you can browse websites on this TV. Just hook it on to your home's Net connection using Ethernet or Wi-Fi card (sold separately) and you can watch videos from YouTube, browse images from picture sharing sites or just stream music from your PC. It can work with any HDTV and can also play cinema from your media PCs.

Specs: Full HD support; BD, DVD, VCD playback; HDMI, Wi-fi Ready; Internet TV,USB; 1.6 kg


Price: Rs 2,49,990

If money is no constraint, we strongly recommend you purchase a TV display bigger than 50 inches. Only then will you get the true feel of a home cinema. This one from Samsung is 55 inches and displays beautiful images in HD. Alongside the deep Blacks, other colours look stunning. It is Internet ready and you can connect a USB drive to play content. However, its top feature is its ability to convert 2D content into 3D. Even if you do not have a 3D signal to this TV set, you can still enjoy 3D.

Specs: 55 inch LED screen; 1080P resolution; 3D ready; Smart functions; Web browsing; HDMI, Component, USB; 29.7 mm slim; 18.6 kg


Price: Rs 17,000

The best option for rooms and households that have space constraints is an audio bar such as the Samsung HW-C450. Sound bars produce virtual surround sound without actual speakers placed around the room. This offering from Samsung comprises a 2.1 set-up that includes a front sound bar and a subwoofer. Together they can create virtual surround sound for viewers irrespective of where they are sitting in the room. Together the speakers produce 280W RMS of sound.

Specs: 2.1 channel; Virtual surround sound; 280W total RMS; Dolby Digital, DTS

Price: Rs 9,990

An affordable option for the home theatre. This one from Sony is good enough to give you a good surround sound experience. It comes with 5 speakers-2 for front, 1 centre and 2 for rear. For thumping effects, single subwoofer comes as part of the pack. Good for small to large rooms, this one can produce 350W RMS surround sound. A DVD player comes bundled in the box for your viewing pleasures. It can upscale DVD movies to HD resolutions so that you can enjoy movies on your large screens. It can also playback movies and music from USB drives.

Specs: 5.1 channel surround sound; 350W total RMS; DVD/MP3 playback; DVD upscale; USB support, HDMI


Natuzzi Home Theatre Sofa
Price: Rs 4.03 lakh + tax

Natuzzi Home Theatre Sofa
Who said money cannot buy happiness? We say it does. It will buy you happiness and comfort-like Natuzzi's special home-theatre sofas. The company has a specially designed modular 5-seater reclining sofa set for your cinematic pleasures. You get the choice to opt for mechanical or manual reclining options. Not only that, the sofa also has in-built speakers with iPod connectivity. Just hook it to your HTS and you will get resonance from all sides. Italian craftsmanship ensures a lot of colours to choose from. Further, you can opt for contrast stitch as well.

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