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Print Edition: October 2012

The dream of 3D without the help of glasses - and for more than one viewer - is now a reality. At the recent consumer trade fair IFA Berlin, researchers of Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz Institute showcased this new tech. An autostereoscopic-or no-glasses-3D presentation for two or more viewers requires a much greater number of views than just the two currently used in stereoscopic productions. An algorithm developed by the researchers computes and generates the missing views required for autostereoscopic viewing. This algorithm can be integrated in the hardware of the TV receiver.


"Nokia contributed a quarter of Finnish growth from 1998 to 2007, according to figures from the Research Institute of Finnish Economy. Over the same period, the mobile-phone maker's spending on R&D made up 30 per cent of the country's total and it generated nearly a fifth of Finland's exports. In the decade to 2007, Nokia paid as much as 23 per cent of all Finnish corporation tax." - The Economist
It takes 14 minutes for a signal from Earth to reach Mars. This was proving a problem for Curiosity's controllers at NASA. By the time, they saw an obstacle ahead and steered the rover, it would be 14 minutes too late. So NASA is now using imagery captured by Curiosity and viewing it in 3D using NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses. The team in charge scrutinises the geography and plot a path of 40 m before it instructs the rover where to go and what to do.

From app to appliance
There is Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app for iOS and Android, for taking photos and posting them online. Now there will be the Instagram Socialmatic, a physical device that will not only create content for online sharing but also prints, in the trademark square format, of course.

101: Age of oldest facebook reader. According to reports, Florence Detlor of Menlo Park, California, is Facebook's oldest registered user. She was recently given a tour of Facebook headquarters at Silicon Valley, where she also met Mark Zuckerberg.

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