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10 recommended titles on business management from recent times
Team BT | Print Edition: October 22, 2017
Best Reads

Sell: The Art, the Science,the Witchcraft

By Subroto Bagchi; 256 pages; `499; Hachette

With his vast knowledge on salesmanship, insights and anecdotes, the author creates an essential guide to becoming a successful seller - whether of a product, a service, an idea, an organisation or one's personal skills - and acquiring the power to influence.

The High-Potential Leader

By Ram Charan;240 pages; `599; Wiley

Given how the criteria for leaders has markedly changed in the modern business climate, the book highlights the critical role relationship building, communication style, engagement and ability to motivate and bring out the best performance in others play in becoming an impactful leader.

Between the Buyer and the Seller

By Karthik Shashidhar;279 pages; Takshashila Institution

From medieval bazaars to modern marketplaces, the book explores why markets are structured the way they are, and how they can be designed to ease transactions between the buyer and seller, using concepts from economics and financial markets.

The Harvard Business Review Manager's Handbook

352 pages; `999

From understanding the fundamentals of strategy to emotional intelligence, this is an exhaustive guide for managers comprising step-by-step advice, self-assessments and real life stories to sharpen one's personal and business skills.

The Upstarts

By Brad Stone; 384 pages; `699; Random House

A riveting account of some of the most radical companies in the new Silicon Valley today. It comprises stories of a new crop of entrepreneurs who are rewriting the traditional rules of business - sidestepping serious ethical and legal obstacles in the process - with their limitless drive and self-confidence.

The Curious Marketer

By Harish Bhat; 272 pages; `599; Hachette

The author brings his expertise on branding, communication and consumer insights to bear on a rapidly developing consumer-facing arena. He explains, in an entertaining manner, how curiosity shapes the way a marketer looks at products and their branding in innovative ways.

Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less - and Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined

By Scott Sonenshein; 304 pages; `599; Harper Business

Why do some people and organisations succeed with so little, while others fail with so much? The book says it has to do with how we approach resources - chase or stretch. In chasing, we exhaust ourselves in the pursuit of more, while in stretching, we embrace the available resources, and look for creative and productive ways to solve problems.

Pitch Anything

By Oren Klaff; 240 pages; `499; McGraw Hill

Using the concept of neuroeconomics - a blend of economics and psychology - the author explains the mechanism an individual uses in decision-making. Read about various pitching points that are capable of directing the decision-making will of the audience, which is a valuable skill for those who negotiate on a daily basis.

The Difference: When Good Enough isn't Enough

By Subir Chowdhury; 160 pages; `199; Penguin Random House

Why some organisations improve only incrementally, while others improve 50 times more? All the best practices in the world, the author states, will not succeed, unless organisations cultivate a caring mindset, and nurture loyalty and passion in its workforce.

Tools of Titans

By Tim Ferriss; 702 pages; `799;

Random House

Having interviewed over 200 world-class performers on his podcast 'The Tim Ferriss Show', this is the author's distilled notebook of tactics and philosophies that he has himself used in high-stakes negotiations, high-risk environments, and large business dealings.

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