Reality Check

This collection of essays is a deep dive into India's health economy, posing pertinent questions to policymakers as well as practitioners of health care.


Business books to look out for this summer.

When it comes to becoming a successful marketer, insatiable curiosity is an indispensible trait.

The book takes you back to discussions, characters and moves that shaped the first century of the Indian Railways.

An exhaustive account of the life of the Punjab CM, and the impact he has had on the state.

Having the 'owner' mindset, whether you are an employer or an employee, is the key to consistent growth for a company.

Stories of women who unabashedly challenged the status quo, and chased their ambitions.

The author's account of his experiences as a practising lawyer in the Indian legal system is both revelatory and entertaining.

The book looks at how one can become a good person, and a good leader.

The book offers timely advice for safeguarding the future of agriculture.

The authors make a compelling case for digital ethnography and its significance in the Indian marketplace.

Business leaders can learn from the author's experiences in setting up a successful business despite setbacks.

A close examination of the most exclusive global club of all - the financial elite's club.

Strong values and ethos lie at the heart of the successful organisations profiled in the book.

There is plenty of evidence here to convince modern medicine practitioners to take cognisance of gender-based health care.

It imparts a great lesson in governance, and brims with the author's years of expertise in the domain.

In his book, the author cites social relationships, and not economic progress, as the key factor affecting citizens health.

The authors have devised a framework called 'the strategy palette' that lets leaders choose the right approach to execute a strategy.

Silos are rife in organisations. This book gives lessons on breaking through the structural fog that clouds a company's vision.