This book motivates a non-runner to get up and start running. It is about how you can continuously challenge yourself and achieve your dreams, without creating unnecessary stress in your life.


The book is a policy-maker's reference guide, grounded in plenty of evidence but elucidated in short paragraphs.

The book points out solutions that an engineering mindset can create.

The book does an excellent job of not projecting Elon Musk as a corporate deity, like many biographies do inevitably.

A must read for entrepreneurs, investors and management executives.

Despite its length, the book is well worth a read for lay readers and scholars alike.

A well-crafted journey into the minds of champions.

The Creator's Code talks about six traits today's entrepreneurs must possess.

The book goes to great lengths to elucidate the real life principles and practices of what doing an MBA is all about.

'Rising Tides: Facing the Challenges of a New Era' by Liam Fox is a must-read for students of politics.

The book looks at what makes the search giant the world's best workplace.

The book dwells on the problems confronting India but only skims the surface.

For those who are worried that technology and the Internet are closing in on us too fast, too soon, the book is a soothing balm.

Deal with China, a country ruled by men not laws, from a position of strength, says the book.

An open book that looks at money in dimensions and from approaches hitherto unexplored by mainstream economic thinking.
Ronnie Screwvala walks you through his entrepreneurial journey, and helps you think big.
The Business of Belief is an impactful book on beliefs not just for business people, but for everyone.