Sleeping with the Frenemy

A meticulously detailed account of the uneasy Sino-Indian relationship.

A much lauded new take on the age old conflict about how to split output between wages and profit.
An account of the change at The Times of India which changed Indian journalism too.
Self-improvement books are a yawn, but interesting stories redeem Prakash Iyer's The Habit of Winning.
The diva of behavioural economics looks again at the paradox called the Indian consumer
Essays by 60 authors prescribe what should be done, but fail to explain why it is not done.
There are huge opportunities for companies which understand Indian and Chinese consumers.
A tell-all account of how politicians, unions and its servile chairmen destroyed Air Indi.
A detailed analysis of MPLADS, the scheme which disburses funds to MPs for public use.
The book reveals why doing business in China is an uncertain endeavour.

A well-researched and incisive take on the core problems facing India.

The riveting tale of the man whose Apollo Hospitals transformed Indian health care
'Hatching Twitter' by Nick Bilton tells the history of the microblogging site which has united the world.
The fourth edition of this comprehensive work includes a fresh chapter on digital media
How iron, carbon, gold, silver, uranium, titanium and silicon have affected history
A must-read for emerging market companies which want to build global brands.
The global economy's medium-term future will not be much better than the present, says this book.