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We have heard of a car pool. But a yacht pool? That’s exactly what India’s first yacht timeshare club is aiming to do.

Anusha Subramanian | Print Edition: August 24, 2008

Luxury boating is one of the fastestgrowing leisure activities around the world. But, in India, it is a relatively new concept. Club Privada, India’s first club of its kind that has just started taking in members, has introduced the concept of timeshare in yachts. To put it simply, members here have the privilege of co-owning more than one luxury yacht and entertaining their guests on board at any time of the year.

The best part? It costs a fraction of the amount it would take to own a yacht and also avoids the hassles of maintaining a private fleet! Promoted by keen sailors Jagdish Valecha, Ramesh Bulchandani, and Rajesh Advani, the club is already making waves among the luxe set in Mumbai and the rest of India. Of the 25-plus members of the club, most are big names in the corporate world. “They are obviously rich but probably do not want to own yachts for the hassles of maintaining them,” says Karan Valecha, director of the club.

Azimut 50:
There are investment bankers, retail giants, real estate tycoons and architects who are members of this club. Says Advani: “Worldwide, boating is one of the fastest-growing leisure activities. Few other luxury leisure options offer the romance, adventure and bonding over a few hours or days as yachting does.”

How does it work: Individuals and companies can get access to a fullycrewed and maintained luxury yacht for a fraction of what it would cost to own a yacht. “You don’t have to put up with the costs associated with ownership like maintenance, berthing and insurance,” explains Valecha.

What’s on offer: The club has two luxury yachts at present for its members: The Azimut 50 and the Larson Cabrio350.

On board Azimut 50
Azimut 50:

This super yacht is, to put it simply, the epitome of luxury. Not only does it boast of opulent owner and guest suites and an exquisite children's room fitted with bunk beds, it also has two flight decks and separate crew quarters to ensure privacy for guests. The Azimut has a range of around 300 nautical miles and can comfortably cater to two families with kids on a weekend trip or even a private party of around 15 people on an evening cruise.

Larson Cabrio 350
Larson Cabrio 350:

This luxurious hardtop mid-cabin cruiser is one of the finest motor yachts of its size. While accommodation consists of a luxurious, air-conditioned cabin with an en-suite bathroom, the yacht also comes fitted with a full inventory of luxury conveniences like a DVD player, a 15-inch flat-screen TV and an 8-speaker CD stereo system. The Cabrio has a range of approximately 150 nautical miles and is ideal for a weekend getaway for a family of four or even a 4-day cruise with family.

Membership: The fees range from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 30 lakh per annum. The Rs 5-lakh package is for an individual and Rs 30 lakh for corporate membership.

What it includes:
A Rs 5-lakh package includes five trips a year on a luxury yacht to specified destinations. A Rs 10-lakh package includes10 trips a year and a Rs 30-lakh package allows 30 trips over a period of three years. However, the destinations offered by Club Privada largely depend on how much time the member has. Depending on the number of days the club member is willing to spend, a trip can be customised. The club currently operates out of Mumbai, Goa and Dubai and members can use their membership at all these destinations.

Destinations on offer: Around Mumbai, the destinations are Murud Janjira, Kashid, Elephanta Caves, Sreewardhan, Ganpati Phule and Goa. From Dubai one can go to Oman and Busadam. The club also plans to include destinations like the Andamans and Singapore. Contact: www.clubprivada.com to find out more

The Spoils

• Club Privada offers Azimut 50 and Larson Cabrio 350 luxury yachts to members in time-slots
• Membership fees: Rs 5 lakh for one year to Rs 12 lakh for 5 years for individuals; Rs 30 lakh for 3 years (for corporate membership) based on the yacht and amenities selected
• Destinations offered: Mumbai, Goa and Dubai
• Professionally-crewed and serviced boats
• Petrol and additional costs (like food and beverages) are borne by members
• Members can register their cruise plans online throughout the year (www.clubprivada.com)
• Membership is by invitation only

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