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She made such a splash that Bollywood demanded she move from Delhi to Mumbai. Now, Mrinalini is working with some of the biggest names in the business.

Anamika Butalia | Print Edition: April 4, 2010

What do you like the most about men?
Their carefree attitude, to an extent. And, how they manage to keep their calm even during difficult situations.

What do you like the least about men?
When the "carefree attitude" becomes a tad too much.

Which country has the hottest men?

Daniel Craig or Hugh Grant?
Hugh Grant!

What's a good approach for a girl like you?
No sweet talk. I like a man who's direct, knows what he's talking about, and has a great sense of humour.

How should a girl approach a guy she likes at the office?
It's all about giving out the right vibes. Give subtle signals and leave it at that. Mystery always intrigues men, once he gets the hint, he'll approach the girl!

What should men have learnt about women by now?
We can pay our own way and put on our coats just fine by ourselves, but we still love a dash of old-fashioned chivalry on a date!

What is your stand on premarital sex?
Each to his/her own…

What constitutes a healthy sex life?
Mutual respect along with understanding of each other's feelings constitutes a healthy sex life. But the most important thing is to play it safe!

When is an affair permissible?
When it does not cross universal boundaries and when there is not even a hint of guilt, which I don't think is ever possible if it's an extramarital affair. Whatever the situation may be, one has no excuse to not avoid getting into it.

As told to Anamika Butalia

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