Back to Vegas, again and again

Designer Rina Dhaka remembers the stars coming down to earth during her visit to the city that never sleeps.

Print Edition: March 23, 2008

An unexpected city
Las Vegas, a city that never sleeps
Most of my holidays are unique. I remember my life by my holidays. I just simply love being on vacation. It not only gives me a break from my busy schedule but also lets me spend quality and refreshing time with my kids.

At the top of the list of places I want to be in when the clock strikes midnight on December 31 is Las Vegas. My most memorable holiday was two or three years ago when I had gone to Vegas with my children to usher in the New Year. Sure, the city is alive and kicking every night of the year, but when it comes to New Year’s eve in Las Vegas, the atmosphere on the streets is at its most festive.

It was a seven-day trip and when the kids came back, they joined school with absolutely no hangover… and that’s because Vegas does not sleep. So, we slept and ate according to Indian time and still enjoyed ourselves while being part of all the action in the city. Las Vegas is an unexpected city. It is so full of fun and energy! The Elvis culture of Vegas is so impressive. It’s bling… it’s loud… but it stays so beautifully etched in your memory.

Rina Dhaka
Rina Dhaka
Vegas is a completely contemporary city, yet so beautiful and fantastic. There are huge hotels.

The corridors are miles long. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that hotels in Vegas are cities in themselves.

Another attraction to be in Vegas is that you may simply be shopping or walking into a hotel. But hey! Did I just spot Hillary Duff? Was it Britney who just walked past us? The kids just loved spotting all the celebs. It was as if all these stars had been especially scattered all over the city for them.

Las Vegas has great hotels with great cuisines. If you’re looking for great service and creative, delicious food, you're sure to find it in one of the many restaurants in Vegas. But I must add that we did miss home food for sure.

Las Vegas is a completely contemporary city
The city is full of fun and energy

Vegas is also high on fashion. If it’s in, you will spot it in Vegas.

It’s one of the best places to shop both off the streets and from exclusive stores.

In all, my trip to Vegas was an extremely memorable one. And I would certainly want to go back there to have all the fun and great time once again with my kids.

— As told to Tejaswi Rathore

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