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What do Marlon Brando, Richard Branson and Sharon Stone have in common?

Print Edition: June 27, 2010

What do Marlon Brando, Richard Branson and Sharon Stone have in common? Glamour, money, fame, and a private island of their very own! However, islands are no longer the preserve of just the rich and famous simply because they've become much easier to procure. Indeed, there are islands for sale all over the world, from the Caribbean to the South Pacific, many for under a million dollars.

One easy way to join the club is by getting in touch with the bestknown broker for island transactions, Hamburg's Farhad Vladi, who has sold more than 2,000 islands since 1975. Another way is to look online for good deals (check the sites listed below). Keep in mind the following points before you begin:

Choice of location
The location should be accessible yet private. A village close by is important to furnish your daily requirements. Bay locations offer shelter, great views and clement weather.

Do the spadework
If money is no object, put brokers on the job. The cheapest way, however, is to find it yourself. Spend time in local marinas, restaurants and watering holes to find real deals that might not be advertised anywhere. But be discreet. If you start sniffing around like a bigshot in a sleepy backwater, you'll drive the price up.

Global warming is for real, so ensure that your island is not affected by rising sea levels. Tropical islands typically have high temperatures and rainfall. If you prefer changing seasons and variety, opt for a temperate Mediterranean location.


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