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Delhi's Select Citywalk Mall has launched a styling service for anyone willing to shell out cash for dash. With a team of stylists helping you pick out your clothes, accessories and style, filmstar looks are assured.

Hitani Kaur        Print Edition: Jan 9, 2011

When it comes to shopping, even Santa needs his elves. And while retail therapy for women seems to be edging out visits to the doctor, its healing value continues to elude men. For one, the idea of spending hours-or worse, a weekend-navigating a mall packed with high-strung shoppers, is enough to turn any man comatose.

And then, given the multitude of brands cluttering the malls, styles going 'out' even before you knew they were 'in', and get-ups changing with every new celebrity commercial, staying in vogue has begun to resemble a dodgeball game. Enter Arjun Sharma. Owner of Delhi's Select Citywalk mall, the man has set up a styling team that can act not only as your personal shopper and put together a wardrobe that works for you, but also fine-tune your overall image. (They can't do anything about the paunch, though).

Here's how it works. Clients looking to overhaul their look (or wardrobe) can make an appointment with Styling Services, which functions out of a small 'Style Lounge' housed in the basement of the mall. There are three key services on offer: personal shopping, make-overs and corporate dressing, with costs ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000. Gift selection help is also available, whether it's for a significant other, a child or your most lucrative client. Alternatively, you can opt for the Luxury Package, which is priced and customised as per your needs.

Apparently, Sharma thought up the idea a few months back, and asked former model Natasha Chopra to set up the service. Three months of brainstorming followed on the objective of the service and and the setting up of the team. "Thousands of people come into the mall trying to find appropriate attire for work and home. But with 165 stores to choose from, the process can get confusing.

This is where we step in," says Chopra. "We keep an eye on the stock coming into every store housed in the mall. We know which brand has the best white shirt, where to go for a classic business suit or partywear as well as which hair-style gives your face the perfect frame. All the client needs to do is meet us first so that we get a sense of his style, and then we get cracking."

Styling Services at present has three members (including Chopra), each with a specific area of expertise. On D-Day, a pre-designated team member takes the client in hand and leads him through the styling process which-be warned-can take upto four hours. But at the end of it, you're left with an image makeover, clothes that suit you and a sense of what it feels to be a celebrity with a personal stylist.

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