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     Print Edition: June 12, 2011

When the D3S was first released in 2009, it took the photography world by storm. Camera majors had been promising a greater dynamic range forever, as newer generations of Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLRs) got smarter in evaluating light conditions- the single most important aspect of a camera lens- to give better images. Nikon's D3S was the first one that delivered on the promise, and two years on, it still looks like the best bet for shutterbugs that are serious about their photography.

A 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor ensures that there is great light sensitivity in normal conditions, while an enhanced mode that allows ISO settings as high as 102,400 makes sure that you can capture brilliant images in extremely low light. Then there's the speed, an astonishing 9 frames per second, which is a gift for a pro. Some of the competing models like Canon's 1D Mark IV and 7D do give the D3s arun for it money, in terms of add-ons, durability and sheer picture quality, this is it, and it can be yours for approximately Rs 2.9 lakh.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ100
The world of super-zoom point and shoots is a crowded one. At the upper end of the spectrum all the major players do a great job for the amateur photographer, but this one's the best do-it-all camera. You can shoot at 11 frames per second, and that too manually. Its full HD movie recording capacity is so good that it could very well render your camcorder obsolete.

Canon EOS 60D

You care enough about photography to graduate beyond super zooms and yet feel no need to shell out massively for pro-quality DSLRs? The stylish Canon 60D is just the camera for you. A very capable camera that can shoot pictures of great clarity at high ISO speeds and its controls are very user-friendly too. Add to that the sheer quality of Canon's lenses and you get a great camera.

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