Chit-chat with Nandana Sen

Daughter of Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, actor Nandana Sen likes making the first move and believes it’s humour that adds to a man’s sex appeal.

Anamika Butalia | Print Edition: December 13, 2009

What do you like most about men?
The fact that they are driven by their hormones.

What do you like least about men?
The fact that they are driven by their hormones.

Which country has the hottest men?
India, the US, and Spain.

Daniel Craig or Hugh Grant?
Hugh Grant, for sure. Gotta have a sense of humour to have sex appeal!

What's a good approach for a girl like you?
Probably a conversation about poetry, world cinema, or political/social issues. Wow, I guess I'm a little difficult that way. It takes some perseverance (and a bit of research) to get my attention.

How should a girl approach a guy she likes at the office?
Isn't the direct approach always the best, in any situation? If I were unattached and liked a guy, I wouldn't waste any time asking him out.

What should men have learnt about women by now?
That we prefer being pampered by a man’s true attention rather than by material gifts. And without sounding preachy but going by the worldwide figures of assault on women, I must say that men need to learn that a woman saying no means NO, not yes.

What is your stand on pre-marital sex?
My stand on any kind of sex is the same. Be SAFE.

What constitutes a healthy sex life?
Being truly tuned into all of each other’s desires, physical and emotional.

When is an affair permissible?
I have no clue. I've never had one. But I wouldn’t be moralistic enough to pass judgement either way. We never know what another person is going through, do we?

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