Summer gear

Bags are one of the easiest ways for the man of the moment to accessorise. There are great choices out there too. We bring you some of the best from this season to help you make up your mind.

Bibek Bhattacharya        Print Edition: April 17, 2011

One of the great things about men's fashion is that you can go and accessorise to your heart's content. This summer season while the skies burn up in the blistering sun, turn up the heat with some of the coolest bags you can get your hands on. From serious briefcases to casual slings and the ubiquitous laptop bag, we've got them covered. If you thought that being fussy about the bag you carry is very un-macho, these ones should change your mind. Take your pick.

Bag from Ferragamo
A handy bag from the great leather makers sets the tone with understated class. It looks great too.

Bag from Dunhill
A bag that looks this good should be enough, but it is extremely spacious too. Quite perfect for a business trip.

The bags you wear once you're done with work are as important as the bags that you take to office. You don't need your files, and your laptop, and your palm-top or your iPod. But you do need your music and a little city map and whoknows-what else. For all of that you have these little sling bags. You could even take them to work!

When it comes to a bag for work, a firm 'no' is in order for all the unsuspecting gents who like to carry a backpack. All those excuses about having too many gadgets to fit in will just not wash. There's plenty space in even the humblest of briefcases, and the best oneslike the ones on the left- have hidden recesses that you'd be amazed to find. So, take your pick from a classic black briefcase from Ferragamo; or an equally classic laptop bag from Tod's; or the slightly flashy, but extremely tasteful textured bag from Dunhill. You know they're quality, and when you carry them to work instead of the usual backpack, you'll be quality too. What's more, if work doesn't allow you time to change for a party all of these bags will be perfectly presentable in decidedly casual surroundings. Get them now!

Photos: Saptarshi Biswas
Stylist: Hassan Raza Khan

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