Let's get to know Simone De Beauvoir

     Print Edition: Dec 23, 2012

Author of Second Sex (1949) and Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter (1958), the French philosopher pioneered the first wave of feminism.

For 51 years, the conversations between Simone and Jean Paul Sartre created books like She Came to Stay(1943) where she fictionalised Sartre's liasons with his students; and The Mandarins (1954) which follows from the personal lives of their intimate circle.

In 1971, she signed the famous 'Manifesto of the 343'. This was a group of women who claimed to have had an abortion, which was illegal at the time in France. She describes her relationship with Sartre as an experiment in loving of which "existentialism" was the child. Buried next to each other in Paris, Sartre and Beauvoir never married, but left a legacy of 'open' love affairs, a radical departure from conformity.

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