Dealing with Ebola

Worried that the deadly Ebola strain may hit our shores soon? Don’t panic yet; it cannot touch you as long as you maintain proper hygiene and adhere to a few simple rules.
Print Edition: Oct 26, 2014
Dealing with Ebola
Avoid travelling to Ebola-hit nations until the crisis has abated. It’s better to be safe than sorry

Avoid travel to Ebola-hit lands
Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria, besides a few other nations in western Africa, currently figure in the list of Ebola-hit countries. Avoid travelling to these countries unless it's a matter
of great concern. Considering that Ebola is an ailment with a fatality rate of 90 per cent, it certainly isn't a risk worth taking.

Wash up, always
Wash your hands with soap at all times. While it may seem like quite a childish method to some, rest assured that this is the most effective way to kill the virus. Travelling? Take a hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol content) along.

Keep handshakes to a minimum
If you are in an Ebola-hit country, try to keep your handshakes and hugs on hold until the medical crisis has been brought under control. Experts say that skin, eyes, food and water are the most likely routes for viral entry. If that handshake is absolutely necessary (you can't wrap up a business deal without one, can you?), make sure you wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer immediately afterwards.

Cook your meat well
Given that the Ebola virus purportedly affected humans through animals, it would be a good idea to wash and cook meat properly before consuming it. Also, don't give in to your desire for some exotic wild game meat - it's what started this mess in the first place.

Avoid all contact with the affected
Your best friend from Nigeria must have fallen prey to this deadly virus, but sometimes it's necessary to harden your heart and avoid paying him a visit. The Ebola virus can spread through all body fluids, from blood and semen to saliva and vomit. While your friend may need all the support he/she can get, let's assume that doesn't include you lying in the next bed.

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