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     Print Edition: March 15, 2015

Nike Zoom Fit Agility

Putting in extra effort, especially during the final lap of your workout, is always hard. Nobody understands that better than Nike, which has come up with shoes that help you push yourself harder without any worry. Armed with the Nike Zoom Air feature, which has tightly stretched fibres woven into a pressurised unit that releases tension upon impact and then snaps back into its original state, Nike Zoom Fit Agility shoes are your best bet to feeling light on your feet during a workout.

Don't stress, Just eat

While you can't help but skip the occasional meal when you are busy juggling corporate meetings, avoid the mental slump by eating foods that give you a much-needed boost.


Apart from lean protein, it has a chemical called Tryptophan that stimulates serotonin production which is a natural feel-good chemical in your body.

Low-Fat Dairy

Skim milk, yoghurt and low-fat cheese all have high-quantity calcium and vitamin D that both induce a sense of well being and relaxation among other things.


Being the richest plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts support overall brain health and fight depression.

Green Tea

An excellent source of antioxidants, it has theanine, an amino acid that provides an anti-stress relaxation benefit to its drinkers.


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