Inner Healing

     Print Edition: Oct 28, 2012

Every now and then, when you stop and actually think about the frenzied life you lead, there is an intense desire to press the pause button and heal yourself. Modern advances in the field of health-care, nutrition and well-being have brought about some much-needed changes in the quality of our lives. The manufacture of processed food and artificial nutritional supplements mean that we have access to more variety and can consume more. On the other hand, these advances come with their own problems including new strains of viruses that become resistant to medicines, lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetics, and the increasing prevalence of stress and depression.

In such a context, ayurveda is becoming an increasingly relevant science and way of life. There are of course the believers and the naysayers but those who understand the power of ayurveda in all its complexities recognise it as a science based on ancient knowledge that deals with nature.

An ayurvedic lifestyle is about making all thats pure and natural a way of life. Incorporating ayurveda to treat and prevent ailments is a good starting point. The application of ayurvedic oils through abhyangam, which is a specialised ayurvedic body massage, can treat physical ailments caused by long hours at the desk like joint pains.

Meditation, yoga and eating healthy as part of the ayurvedic lifestyle, have been proven to reduce stress and prevent disease. Thus ayurveda not only deals with curative measures, but also stresses on preventive ones.

Men have started paying a lot more attention to their grooming habits because of increasing self-awareness and the desire to look good. Not withstanding exposure to pollution, the harsh sun and smoking make facial skin rough and dry, cause pigmentation and increase wrinkles, facial lines and allergies. Most grooming products like shaving creams, after-shaves and facial creams contain strong chemicals which can over a period of time create problems which can be avoided.

Make small but decisive changes in your life. Switch to herbal and ayurvedic products like a deodar-based face wash, lavender patchouli cleanser, red sandalwood ayurvedic soap etc. which are available off the shelf. Besides these, there are ayurvedic therapies like hair treatments, ayurvedic facials, body wraps and foot massages, which can help skin and body problems and counteract feet problems.

Most men are confronted with the problem of balding which may be hereditary or due to stress, smoking or scalp infections. The use of ayurvedic oils like bringadi is highly effective in counteracting this problem.

Dedicating a few minutes everyday to yoga, eating regulated meals and using natural ayurvedic products for grooming can go a long way in enhancing your lifestyle in a natural way.

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