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How bidding at an auction can be a fun
     Print Edition: Nov 24, 2013
How bidding at an auction can be a fun
How bidding at an auction can be a fun

Christie's auctioneer Hugo Weihe elaborates on how bidding at an auction can be a fun and fulfilling experience

Prior to an auction, attend the exhibition where the pieces are displayed to get an insight into their details, and have first-hand knowledge of their exact condition. As a potential bidder, fully make use of the opportunity to take a close look at the pieces - feel them, peruse the catalogue and talk to auction house specialists regarding the source and heritage of the product. Feel free to quiz the auctioneers at length on the merits and potential value of each piece, so you get a neutral evaluation of all the pieces. As it is important to get all the information you need before you make a decision, check with other specialists and supplement it with your own research as well.


As a new collector to the field, follow your curiosity if a piece strikes you as beautiful. What catches your eye is a significant indicator of your artistic inclination, and you should take that interest forward. As art endures and taps into a larger understanding of culture, follow your gut instinct instead of treating it as a regular investment. Though there is no 100 per cent guarantee that its value will go up over time, you become personally invested in a work of art that you appreciate.


Set yourself a limit beforehand. Once the actual process of bidding has started, be confident about your pick. When others bid for your chosen piece, it will increase certainty about the item and reinforce the realisation whether you really want to own it. Go higher if taking the big step seems worth it, but don't overshoot your limit. Most importantly, remember to have fun and soak in the charged atmosphere at the auction.

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