Stressing on facts

Today's office-goer is no stranger to stress. However, to combat the phenomenon, he should first learn to tell fact from fiction
     Print Edition: June 9, 2013

CLAIM 1: Black tea helps you de-stress
Everybody goes ga-ga over green, as far as tea is concerned. However, when it comes to combating stress, black tea could be just as beneficial as it is more exotic cousin. A London-based study has proved that black tea increases the threshold of the nerves, and people who drink it are able to de-stress way faster than those who don't.

CLAIM 2: Alcohol reduces stress
If 'hit the bottle' is the first conscious thought to cross your mind after a nasty argument with the boss, a serious rethink is in order. Though alcohol alters your senses and numbs your system, it works as a depressant.

CLAIM 3: Stress can never be good for you

This may not seem like particularly great advice but, in some cases, it's better to just give in to stress. When the brain perceives physical or psychological stress, it starts pumping chemicals that make your heart beat faster, increase blood pressure and sharpen senses. No harm done once in a way.

CLAIM 4: No obvious symptoms, no stress

You have lost that spring in your step and gained a couple of pounds, but that cannot mean you are stressed, can it? Experts beg to differ, stating that lack of obvious symptoms does not necessarily denote the absence of stress. Some not-so-obvious symptoms are obesity, fatigue, insomnia and digestive issues.

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