Sounds like you know about Ray Kurzweil

     Print Edition: Aug 19, 2012

The American futurist applies Moore's law to technology and propagates the Law of Accelerating Returns, according to which an exponential growth of technologies like Artificial Intelligence will improve memory and increase life expectancy.

He terms the future as 'singularity' and a realm where everything from our business models to our cycle of life and death will be irreversibly transformed. His book The Age of Intelligent Machines (1990), predicted the demise of the Soviet Union due to modern equipment like cell phones and fax machines.

And, In 2005, Gorbachev confirmed to Kurzweil that an easy exchange and access to information fostered democracy About 75 per cent of his predictions have true. If his streak continues, a younger Kurzweil will see you in the future with organs functioning on nanotechnology.

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