Fornication no longer requires the consent of the king. What it needs, however, is an aroused sense of being and some extra inches of stamina.
     Print Edition: July 21, 2013

Fornication no longer requires the consent of the king. What it needs, however, is an aroused sense of being and some extra inches of stamina. While it usually falls victim to stress, sex can turn healer too - the way it slowly but surely releases pressure knotted in tired muscles through every science figuring in the textbook imagination of a generation. Though there is no one way of getting it right, finding a balanced approach through the right food, exercise and attitude will help you nail 'em all, literally.

Moves like Jagger
Stress isn't just in your mind; it quietly seeps into your tired veins and assimilates itself in your muscles, especially the shoulders and thighs. Squatting exercises and push-ups before sex are as necessary as a shower before a swim. The Swiss-ball pressup works on the shoulders, chest and triceps. This is a regular push-up, except that you do it with shins placed on a Swiss ball. Keeping the feet higher up will build endurance for the conventional missionary pose. The lower back-lie down firms up the lower back and abs, and works wonders in the full-court press (her legs over your shoulders). For this, draw your knees to your chest and grasp your legs behind the knees, and hold for 30 seconds.

To achieve the right swing, do hip flexors. For this, you need to step forward so your feet are a metre apart, knees slightly bent. Now, push your pelvis forward until you feel a stretch. Finally, you need to build stamina by mimicking the motions involved in the act. Lie on your back with knees bent. Squeeze your glutes and raise them off the floor until your body forms a straight line. This readies the hamstrings and glutes even for eccentric postures.

It's a Long Drive

You are what you eat, not how you feel. Enhanced sexual performance comes with its own diet chart. Greener pastures are what you need to tread, so stock up on leafy veggies. These are rich in zinc, thereby encouraging sperm production. Popeye's favourite food, on the other hand, is a potent source of magnesium that helps dilate blood vessels and effect better blood flow to the genitals. While a glass of sparkling wine is almost prescribed for foreplay, it's the catechin content of unsweetened green tea that's a better mood maker. While you're fishing around for food, also pick up oily cold water sea creatures like salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna. These are all about Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which raise dopamine levels in the brain and help with sexual arousal.
If you thought dark chocolate and strawberries were sketchy props from an 80's erotic novel, you're still uninitiated. While bitter cocoa contains a compound called phenylethylamine, which releases the same endorphins triggered by sex, red berries carry Vitamin B & C, natural libido and estrogen boosters.

Heal the Breach
It's always a good time to start reading between the sheets. You can begin by embracing the spiritual dimension of your relationship. Sexual healers say feelings of unconditional love, ownership and belonging have to be cultivated for a healthy intimate space. Therefore, pillow talks, cuddling and wordlessly staring each other in the eyes are hearty practices.

Nidra yoga, a form of guided meditative sleep, helps introduce you to your internal strengths. Tantra meditation, if done right, can end with a 'cosmic-orgasm'.

Instead of subjecting yourself to trance or meditative music, pick out tracks that you might have romanced to earlier - a soft jazz favourite or a piano symphony, anything works. Top this up with a hot oil massage before and a cold shower after, and you've got yourself a smooth ride home.


The smartphone has entered your bedroom too. Here are four apps that promise to make your sex life a lot smoother than you imagined it to be.

Men's Health Workouts
This app has 25 pre-loaded workouts, over 150 exercises, workouts sorted by A-Z goals, step-by-step instructions, training logs and a timer to track sets, reps and personal process. Builds endurance and strength.
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All-In-One Yoga
The app offers HD shots of over 300 yoga poses with audio and video guides and 40 pre-programmed yoga routines. Customise a schedule with your kind of music and, presto! You're ready for sex.
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Nature Sound Sleep and Relax

Brain wave therapy lets out subliminal messages that are heard not by the ear, but by the subconscious mind. It can also be used as environmental music aimed at cleansing, balancing and building positive energy in the environment. A great mood builder.
App is Free

Headspace On-The-Go
Headspace organises and customises meditation schedules for your specific needs. It contains bite-sized techniques that help you focus more and stay calm, two pre-requisites for a healthy intimate space. App is Free

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