The testosterone rider

You need to keep up the volume of your testosterone production, especially if you are going through a rough work week. Here's what to eat, drink and do to keep things going.
     Print Edition: March 15, 2015
The testosterone rider


A jug of cold milk

Increasing your calcium intake ups testosterone levels and nothing provides calcium better than milk.

Steamed cabbage

A compound in cabbage helps reduce the hormone oestrogen, which is testosterone's nemesis.

Star sports

Researchers saw a 20 per cent surge in testosterone when people watched their favourite team.

An exercise bench

Do five sets of 10 bench press reps for a great post-workout hit of testosterone to last through the day.

A Plate of oysters

Just one plate provides your RDA of zinc, boosting circulation of testosterone in your bloodstream.

Swiss balls

A powerful posture produces extra testosterone in the body. Work your core with swiss balls to see the benefit.



Rapid increase in blood sugar can deplete testosterone by up to a quarter in the average male body.

Soy milk

Soy milk increases oestrogen, which negatively impacts your testosterone levels.

Chewing gum

Spearmint blocks testosterone pathways in the bloodstream. Use natural breath fresheners .

Red bull

Lack of sleep can reduce the male hormone by 15 per cent. Catch up on sleep and say no to energy drinks.

Scented lotions

Applying products containing lavender can increase oestrogen. The fragrance doesn't suit men anyway.

Takeaway food

A chemical contributed by plastic containers behaves like the oestrogen hormone in the body. Eat meals cooked at home.

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