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Soon, residential spaces will become as intelligent as the people who live in them. So, are we ready for the future?

Want to cycle for a cause, like they did in Mumbai recently for energy conservation, without ending up in a roadside heap? Some tips
Hold the tie around the neck, allowing the left end (A) to be a little longer than the right end (B). Now neatly cross end-A over B.
Fornication no longer requires the consent of the king. What it needs, however, is an aroused sense of being and some extra inches of stamina.
Through four simple steps, John Abraham takes the Indian urbane man to a whole new level of wellness and grooming
Corporate lifestyle starting to show on your waistline? It doesn't have to.
The film Black Swan was a real clincher for director Darren Aronofsky's career, but it also did a lot for its cast and crew.
How a spot of meditation can keep flu at bay
A few wrong moves over an important business lunch could spell the difference between bagging a deal and going home empty-handed.
Counting on pills to get you through sleepless nights? Hold your horses, there are alternatives.
Today's office-goer is no stranger to stress. However, to combat the phenomenon, he should first learn to tell fact from fiction
A new study on how mixers affect blood alcohol levels has created the ultimate diet-conscious, social drinker's dilemma.
Shital Kakkar Mehra, founder, Soft Skills International feels striking a fine balance between listening and speaking is critical for leveraging business deals.