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Londonderry defeats Birmingham, Sheffield and Norwich to become the UK's first Capital of Culture for 2013.

Your bags are packed and you're all set to move to that new city or country. But are you mentally ready for this life-changing event? Here's how you can be.
With philanthropy, you can not only change the world, you will also change yourself.
Victor Lustig (1890-1947) was undoubtedly the most confident trickster in history. He is also known as the 'Man who sold the Eiffel Tower, twice.'
The world's oldest watchmaker in operation, Vacheron Constantin is a benchmark in art and accuracy.
Born into a zamindar family from Madras in 1917, she was married off to another zamindar Apparao Bahadur of Vayyur.
Five private and exclusive gentlemen's clubs for the connoisseur in you
Author of Second Sex (1949) and Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter (1958), the French philosopher pioneered the first wave of feminism.
Top tech tips to declutter your life, one gadget and social network at a time.
Looking to revitalise yourself this Diwali? Here's how ayurveda can keep you grounded.
Photographer Ranjit Madhavji shares tips on restoring and preserving old images and film.
The Joana Vasconcelos exhibit at the Palace of Versailles infuses decadence with creativity.