Derby Day

The biggest horse-race in Mumbai is just around the corner. Tally ho!

Anamika Butalia | Print Edition: April 5, 2009

The invitations are out, the hats are being designed, and the rich and the fabulous are getting ready with their tuxes and stilettos. It’s the Great Indian Derby, hosted by Vijay Mallya and UB Spirits. One of the only hot, sweaty days in Mumbai that the nation’s Who’s Who are desperate not to miss. The action starts at midday when jockeys exhibit their studs on the field. Form is discussed, odds calculated and bets are placed—reportedly the highest betting of the season. Then a gun goes off, the conversations end and the race begins. Thundering hooves, glistening muscle, a roaring crowd and the possibility of a windfall. And this goes on till sundown. There’s no better day out than the horses, as every gentleman knows. The party continues long after the bets have been settled. Remember, this is a Mallya party—you’ll be going till the wee hours of the morning. See you there.

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