Dream cars for a steal

Driving around on a swank set of wheels does not necessarily mean you have to break the bank, or rather break into a bank. There are some great deals going on a few very desirable pre-owned, imported cars.

twitter-logo Manu Kaushik        Print Edition: January 27, 2008

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I
1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Mark I

Odometer: 80,000 km
Price: Rs 28,00,000

Why it’s a steal: Introduced by Rolls-Royce in 1980, the Silver Spirit was to form the basis of Rolls and Bentley cars for the next two decades. Yet, while the new Rollers look modern, there is a sense of regality and old-world elegance to these cars, which are fully British—the leather, the shag carpets, the engine, everything.

This car is a bit pricey, but considering that a new Rolls would set you back in excess of Rs 3 crore, it’s not a bad deal really, though it is a quarter century old. The engine, a 6750cc V12 behemoth, works well, though, be warned, the car does drink petrol like it is going out of fashion.

2004 Mercedes Benz S350

Odometer: 30,000 km

Mercedes Benz S350

Price: Rs 41,00,000

Why it’s a steal: What can you say about the S-Class Mercedes? This is the pinnacle of automotive engineering, and is the choice for presidents, chief executives, dictators and despots across the world. And although this is the last-generation of the car, getting one for half the price is a steal. It is a revelation to see that the S-Class depreciates like a brick in India, but you should not be complaining about this barely used car.

2006 Mercedes Benz E280

Odometer: 20,000 km

Mercedes Benz E280

Price: Rs 39,00,000

Why it’s a steal: People have strange reasons for disposing off their cars. This one-year-old car with quite a bit on the odometer (for a one-year-old car) is still entering the market at a significant discount (almost Rs 10 lakh) to buying a brand new E-Class. But the problem here is that would you buy a one-year-old car instead of forking out a bit more for a brand new Merc?

1995 Jaguar XJ6

Odometer: 65,000 km

Jaguar XJ6

Price: Rs 9,00,000

Why it’s a steal: A slightly worn out Jaguar for under Rs 10 lakh looks like a good deal all around. The 1995 XJ6, though, not an all-new car, has considerable differences from previous models, wearing, among other things, a ‘fluted’ bonnet and four individual headlights, something that has become typically ‘Jag’.

The 3.2 litre in-line six cylinder engine produces a not inconsiderable 245 horsepower, and the car has ample amounts of space at the back for one to sit back and enjoy life.

2004 Porsche Boxster S

Odometer: 16,000 km

Porsche Boxster S

Price: Rs 38,00,000

Why it’s a steal: This car isn’t cheap. But think about it, it cost Rs 20 lakh more than it is going for today, and it isn’t even in that awful yellow colour which Porsche has on the Boxster. Plus, with only 16,000 km on the odometer, the engine hasn’t been fully run-in yet.

Now, the downsides. It is an open car and only a two-seater. It produces 258 horsepower, is rather thirsty and is actually the older ‘986’ variant of the car, not the current 987 variant. But would you really care?

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