Sport a shaved head

     Print Edition: Aug 19, 2012

When Bruce Willis entered American homes with his ABC series Moonlighting, everyone thought he was charming. Then he married Demi Moore, which was a good move, but over time, we noticed him sporting baseball caps. The buzz was, he's losing his hair. But mercifully, he figured the trick out: flaunt the bald proudly. From there on he went on to be seen as more than just an action hero, even a well-rounded sex symbol.

So if you are losing hair or just want to come clean, here's the way to go. Man Up and Own Up While there are a lot of cosmetic ways out of baldness, fighting Mother Nature, as we all know, is in vain. Stop being in denial; face your bald patches and embrace them as a man.

Shave-off the Fear Start with an electric trimmer like the one your barber uses. Once you've sheared the denser areas, it's time to close the deal. Lather up with shaving gel and use your regular razor. Start at the top and shave down along your skull. Leave a light stubble on your face. It keeps the attention off the bald patch: your head.

Upkeep is the Key From now on, treat your head like your face. You'll find it's way easier. Just think of all the money you'll save on haircuts and shampoo!

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